Oil Palm Bulletin No. 74 (May 2017) p7-11
Evaluation of Entomopathogenic Fungi and Chemical to Control Termite, Coptotermes curvignathus on Mature Oil Palm and Supply Seedlings on Peat
Mohamad Rosman Sulaiman*, Saharul Abillah Mohamad*, Ramle Moslim*, Zulkefli Masijan* and Siaw Ting Chuan**

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 73 (November 2016) p10-12
Identification of Etiolated Palms for Thinning via IFSAR
Hardi Hadiali*, Siti Nuruljannah A Majid**, Ganesan Nallan* and Lee Teck Fah±

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 73 (November 2016) p6-9
Reduced Fertiliser Rounds Trial: Comparison between Compound and Mixture Fertilisers in High Rainfall Environment
Lee Teck Fah*, Alexander Aban**, Phor Kok Beng± and Haniff Salleh**

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 73 (November 2016) p1-5
Quality Testing Laboratory for the Oil Palm Motorised Cutter
Abdul Razak Jelani*, Mohd Ikmal Hafizi Azaman*, Mohd Rizal Ahmad*, Zahara Mohamed*, Syahmin Sukawai*, Asyraf Aziz*, Asyraf Aduka*, Yosri Gono* and Abd Rahim Shuib*

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 72 (May 2016) p32-37
Harvesting Practices for Maximum Yield in Oil Palm: Results from a Re-Assessment at IJM Plantations, Sabah
Mohanaraj, S N* and Donough, C R**

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 72 (May 2016) p25-31
Leaf Nutrient Status in Relation to Severity of Ganoderma Infection in Oil Palm Seedlings Artificially Infected with Ganoderma Boninense using Root Inoculation Technique
Nuranis, I, Kamaruzaman, S, Khairulmazmi, A, Mohd Shukri, I, Zulkifli, H, and Idris, A S

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 72 (May 2016) p1-24
Oil Palm Fertiliser Recommendation for Sabah Soils
Afandi, A M, Zulkifli, H, Khalid, H, Hasnol, O, Nur Zuhaili, H A Z A and Zuraidah, Y