Oil Palm Bulletin No. 71 (November 2015) p14-24
Zero Discharge of Palm Oil Mill Effluent through Outdoor Flash Evaporation at Standard Atmospheric Conditions
Prashant Patel*

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 71 (November 2015) p8-13
Efficient Use of Inorganic and Organic Fertilisers for Oil Palm
Khalid Haron*, Zulkifli Hashim* and Norman Kamarudin*

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 70 (May 2015) p13-16
SureSawitTM SHELL – A Diagnostic Assay to Predict Fruit Forms of Oil Palm
Rajinder Singh*, Meilina Ong Abdullah*, Leslie Low Eng Ti*, Rajanaidu Nookiah*, Mohamad Arif Abd Manaf* and Ravigadevi Sambanthamurthi*

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 70 (May 2015) p8-12
Estimating Oil Content of Commercially Harvested Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches – A Step towards Increasing Palm Oil Yields
C R Donough*, J Cock*, T Oberthür*, K Indrasuara**, Rahmadsyah#, Gatot, A R‡ and T Dolong‡‡

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 70 (May 2015) p1-7
Control of Mucuna bracteata DC. Ex. Kurz Legume Covers with Herbicides in Oil Palm Plantation: Spraying Volume and Frequency
Yit Kheng Goh*, Kim Loong Wong*, Chin Hor Lai*, Suet Yee Tan*, Tasren Nazir Mahamooth*, Huang Huang Gan*, You Keng Goh* and Kah Joo Goh*

Oil Palm Bulletin No. 69 (November 2014) p27-37
Evaluation of Various Sources of Magnesium Fertiliser for Correction of Acute Magnesium Deficiency in Oil Palm
Manjit Sidhu*, Abdul Hasyim*, Eny Fithri Rambe*, Zulkasta Sinuraya*, Abdul Aziz* and Mukesh Sharma**