Palm Oil Developments No.41 (Dec 2004) p1-13

Aquaculture 2002: Over 50 Million Tonnes 7 Climbing

TACON, Albert G J

Total reported global aquaculture production reached a new high of 51.4 million tonnes in 2002 (up by 6.1% from the previous year) or over half that of total global capture fisheries landings (94.5 million tonnes, FAO, 2004a). Valued at USD 60 thousand million and based on the production of 250 different plant and animal species in over 180 countries, aquaculture has been the fastest growing segment of global food production for over three decades. Global aquaculture production has been growing at an average compound rate of 8.7% per year since 1970, compared with 2.9% for total terrestrial meat production, and 1.2% for total capture fisheries landings.

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