Palm Oil Developments No.56 (June 2012) p16-17,23-27

Commercialisation of PORTSIM Research Projects in China

OOI Cheng Keat

The Palm Oil Research and Technical Service Institute of MPOB (PORTSIM) was established in 2005 in Shanghai, China to enhance Malaysian palm oil’s presence and establish closer ties with the oils and fats industry in China. The other objectives of PORTSIM are to expand the applications of palm oil in food and non-food products and to increase the imports of Malaysian palm oil products into China. In order to engage with the local companies to use more palm oil products, PORTSIM has established technical collaborations with Chinese universities, research institutes and enterprises. PORTSIM is also equipped with research and analytical facilities to conduct research projects. The three-party research collaboration involving PORTSIM, local companies and universities or research institutes ensures that newly developed products from the research projects are ready for commercialisation at the completion of the projects. Some of the completed and commercialised projects were: • vegetable lard for bakery products, • palm-based special oils for quick-frozen food and frozen bread dough, • frying oils for local fast food industry, and • Palm kernel cake (PKC) for cattle and aquaculture industry.

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