Palm Oil Developments No.45 (Dec 2006) p1-11

Investigation Into The Performance of Emulsified Liquid Shortenings Containing Palm-Based Hard Stocks


In formulating products, food manufacturers are aware of the Food Regulations and customer attitudes toward trans fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. A particularly difficult problem for the margarine and shortening manufacturer is to supply functional fats to the baking industry and other food processors. Fats are partly or fully hydrogenated not only to develop the plastic texture that enables them to cream and aerate through the dough or batter but also to veer the crystallization towards ’ to ensure acceptable performance. Examination of liquid shortening shows that it is possible to meet the needs of the baker while lowering the trans fatty acid content. A large volume of literature has been published on the manufacture of liquid shortenings and their uses. Much of it cites the negative consequences of promoting ’crystallization during manufacturing as this thickens the product and limits its use.

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