Palm Oil Developments No.45 (Dec 2006) p27-30

Low-Fat Chocolate Spread Based on Palm Oil


A wide variety of chocolate-related products are currently available. One of them is chocolate spread, also known as breakfast chocolate with, some containing nut pastes such as hazel nut or almond. Chocolate spreads are usually consumed with sandwiches and are very popular with children. In Malaysia, an increasing volume of chocolate spreads is seen on supermarket shelves. At ambient temperature, the ideal spread should have a creamy, light consistency and there should be no oil separation during its shelf-life of 6-12 months. The consistency of the product can be adjusted by the balance of liquid oil and solid fats. Sufficient solid fat in the fat system will ensure product stability and good shelf-life. The product should have solid appearance and yet be spreadable from the refrigerator. It also should not become oily or greasy from oil separation over time at room temperature (30oC).

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