Palm Oil Developments No.36 (June 2002) p14-16

Nutrition and Health: Why is it Still Ticking Against Palm Oil?

SUNDRAM, Kalyana, YUSOF Basiron

As ardent readers of the free press (including trade magazines), we normally place a lot of trust on the accuracy of the print media. The traditional and long line of journalistic etiquette that has been established, sometimes at the expense of blood spilt on the sidewalks, we assume will be upheld with the vigour and valour of the shinning knights in armour of a previous era. In short, truth should always prevail. This glorification of professional journalism no doubt is subject to untoward pressures and often suffers severe muddles especially in the political arena. This we can almost understand and forgive. But why pick on a food commodity – palm oil – whose only purpose of existence is to provide a wholesome food source to the worldís masses?

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