Palm Oil Developments No.43 (Dec 2005) p10-15

Performance of Special Quality and Standard Palm Olein in Batch Frying of Fish Nuggets


Fried food has grown in popularity despite the low fat/no fat health trend. Frying is a popular traditional domestic cooking process, now universally used in the food industry to produce snacks and convenience fast foods. It is a quick and convenient technique of food production compared to other traditional means of cooking conferring unique sensory properties such as colour, flavour, texture and palatability on the products which are highly appreciated by consumers in all age groups. However, when frying oil is heated in a deep-fat fryer, three chemical reactions occur simultaneously, i.e. oxidation, hydrolysis and polymerization, causing the frying fat to break down, foam, smoke and develop off-flavours and odours. The faster the oil degrades, the shorter the fry life of the oil (Watkins, 2005).

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