Palm Oil Developments No.46 (June 2007) p8-14

Physico-chemical Characteristics of Palm-based Oil Blends for Ice Cream


Palm oil (PO) and palm kernel oil (PKO) are natural products that have been consumed for many decades. PO is used worldwide as cooking oils and mixed in fat blends for the manufacture of a wide variety of food products. As they are partially solid, PO and its products have desirable physical and chemical characteristics for many food applications including margarine, shortening, vanaspati, ice cream, filled milk and whipped cream. Dairy fats – cream, butter and anhydrous milk fat (AMF) are widely used in the production of ice cream. They are derived from milk. Milk fat is the major fat in ice cream, contains about 70% saturated fatty acids and has high cholesterol content. Most countries require the use of dairy fat in ice cream, but others like the United Kingdom and Finland, allow substitution with vegetable fats. In the United States, a product made with vegetable fat must be labelled ‘Mellorine’. In many Asian countries where there is a limited supply of milk, the higher prices of dairy products have led to growing substitution with vegetable fats for making ice cream.

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