Palm Oil Developments No.37 (Dec 2002) p27-29

Price Scenario of Selected Oils and Fats in 2002

RAMLI Abdullah

Price performance of palm oil and its products had generally improved in 2002. Local crude palm oil (CPO), for instance, showed a significant price improvement by registering at RM 1165.50 t-1 in January and at RM 1626.50 t-1 in December 2002, thus averaging at RM 1353 t-1 for the whole year. This increasing price trend is shown in Figure 1, which at the same time shows another line for 2001 that trended in the same direction as that of 2002 but at lower prices. It can be seen also that price in 2000 had detrended significantly throughout the year and this implies that CPO price had recovered since 2001 as its price continued to increase since then.

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