Palm Oil Developments No.43 (Dec 2005) p36-38

Prices of Selected Oils and Fats in 2004 and 2005

RAMLI Abdullah, HONEY Irmawati

The prices of oils and fats generally move in tandem with each another. This is evident from Figure 1 which shows their movements from 2002 to 2005. Due to their similarities in end-uses and characteristics, some of them are close substitutes and their prices become competitive with one another. Tough competition occurred in 2002 when the prices were very close with each other, however, the bandwidths in Figure 1 widened towards 2005 with cottonseed oil becoming the culprit by its price deviating significantly from those of the others. Excluding the cottonseed oil price, the bandwidth of all the other prices would have had the same width and moved in tandem all along the period.

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