Palm Oil Developments No.34 (June 2001) p1-3

Quality and Characteristics of Malaysian Palm Kernel Cakes/ Expellers

TANG Thin Sue

Palm kernel cake (PKC), sometimes referred to as palm kernel expeller (PKE), has long been known to be an important ingredient for the formulation of animal feeds (Collingwood, 1958). Though it is considered to be excellent for ruminants, PKC is also reported to be suitable for use in feed formulations for swine, poultry and horses (Hutagulung et al., 1982, Yeong et al., 1983, Collingwood, 1958). PKC is obtained as a by-product from the extraction of palm kernel oil via the mechanical process. The production of PKC involves the grinding of palm kernels followed by screw pressing with or without an intermediary flaking and cooking stages. During the screw pressing stage, the raw palm kernel oil is diverted for clarification and the residual PKC is cooled and stored in a warehouse. A simplified flow chart is shown in Figure 1 (Tang and Teoh, 1985).

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