Palm Oil Developments No.40 (June 2004) p17-23

Supply and Disappearance: A Review

MOHD NASIR Amiruddin, HASIAH Embong

Malaysia’s palm oil production increased from 11.909 million tonnes in 2002 to 13.35 million tonnes in 2003, i.e. by about 12.14% (Table 1). This was quite a significant compared to the increase in 2002 over 2001 where the growth was by 0.89% indicating that the palms had rested sufficiently low after four years of production. Apart from the rest, the higher growth in production was also the result of the oil palm area that had undergone replanting coming into harvest. The yield of palm oil per hectare increased from 3.59 in 2002 to 3.74 t ha-1 in 2003.

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