Palm Oil Developments No.47 (Dec 2007) p1-4

Utilization of oil palm products in the formulation of cheese powder


Cheese is a food made from coagulated curds that are pressed together to form a solid that is usually allowed to ripen. The main milk components (protein, fat and minerals) are concentrated and protected from rapid deterioration by spoilage micro-organisms. Many industrial food applications are dependant on the delivery of an authentic cheese flavour, however, food manufacturers have continually sought for alternatives due to the requirement to refrigerate fresh cheese. By far, the most efficient way to incorporate the natural goodness of cheese has been through the use of cheese powders. Cheese powders are a convenient and economical alternative to block cheese. They offer the entire flavour, functional and nutritional attributes associated with natural cheese. Savings from reduced raw materials, shipping and storage costs can also be considerable. Up to a year in product shelf-life and significant blending advantages make cheese powder a logical choice for many food processors and in other applications. The potential application for cheese powders extends far beyond traditional snack seasonings and dry boxed convenience dinners where low moisture and long shelf-life without refrigeration demand their use. Cheese powder systems also deliver exceptional combinations of cheese and dairy flavours while maintaining a label-friendly identity. Kerry, an Irish-based company, is one of the leading suppliers of spray-dried cheese and dairy flavourings.

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