Palm Oil Developments No.49 (Dec 2008) p22-25

Utilization of Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) in Aquaculture

* MA Yinhui, * GOH Eng Meng , ** CHEN Xiguang , ** MA Fangkui

China’s feed industry has developed rapidly during the last few years with the demand increasing every year. The demand for fishmeal, the main source of animal protein, is increasing and the supply will not be able to meet the demand in the future. The search for new feed sources becomes important in view of the diminishing resources and concerns over environment protection. Feed manufacturers are also looking at ways to reduce the cost of feed production. Vegetable proteins that are economical and readily available will be used for replacing fishmeal. These include soyabean and corn meals. Palm kernel cake (PKC) may be considered as an energy feedstuff because of its high oil content. Currently, the world production of fishmeal, which is the main source of protein and makes up 30%-50% in most commercial feed formulations, is unable to meet the demand. Thus, PKC can be used for replacing partially soyabean meal, corn flour, bran or fishmeal in feed (Ng, 2004).

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