Palm Oil Developments No.60 (June 2014) p24-27
Offer for Technology Adoption of MPOB Modified Fractionation Programme for Increased Olein Yield
Chong Chiew Let* and Yeoh Chee Beng*

Palm Oil Developments No.61 (December 2014) p26-30
Inter-laboratory Comparison: Participation of the Analytical Testing Services Laboratory, MPOB, at National and International Level
Mohd Azmil, M N*, Hajar, M* and Razmah, G*

Palm Oil Developments No.61 (December 2014) p14-20
The Potential of Tocotrienols in Cancer Immunotherapy and Wound Healing
Sitti Rahma Abdul Hafid * and Zaizuhana Shahrim*

Palm Oil Developments No.61 (December 2014) p12-13, 21-25
Real-time Monitoring of the Crystallisation of Palm Oil and its Products by Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM)
Elina Hishamuddin