Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.98 (Jan - Mar 2011) p25-26, 31-33
Future milling concepts or idiosyncrasies? Part I
MENON, N. Ravi

The contents of this article are intended to offer to the industry discussions of some imaginary mill design concepts that should not be taken too seriously as they are far from perfect. It may even be qualified to be termed idiosyncrasy but even then it will still serve the purpose of tickling the intelligence of our mill engineers who are no doubt quite innovative. This is only a simple offshoot from the mind of a palm oil mill engineer based on his years of experience in the industry reinforced by his research exposure in the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, a combination very few people will have the opportunity to be blessed with. When writing this article, I tried my best to totally remove all the knowledge I have on existing methods of milling operation to prevent my current thinking from being skewed towards it. Perhaps this exercise itself may merit the credentials of a research work. In order to simplify this exercise, the system boundary and mill compound fencing shall be the same so that activities outside the mill like plantation operation and effluent treatment may be excluded.

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