Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.109 (Oct - Dec 2013) p31 - 35
Process Review: Part 2
N Ravi Menon*

Introduction: This is the second review of the Mongana Report. It is rather unfortunate that a repetition of the Mongana trials were not attempted by any organization to match the great contributions of the team of scientists who spent four years under the Cooperative Board financed by the Institute for the Advancement of Scientific Research in Industry and Agriculture (IRSIA). The research work touched on every aspect of palm oil milling process. Probably the major palm oil producers should set up a joint international oil palm research university located either in Malaysia or Indonesia to further advance the milling process that seem to be getting insufficient attention compared to downstream activities. It can be financed by all the palm oil producing nations. It will be interesting to review the comments made by the Board in the preface of the Mongana Report: ‘The Board of the Cooperative Society thought that the collation in one single text of the conclusions available from the four years of research would be of value to members. The Board also thanks the members of the research committee and their collaborators of the Mongana pilot plant and of the Brussels laboratory. Their dedication and hard work have made it possible to produce practical results of immense value’. The assignment was completed by 31 December 1955. It is worthwhile to repeat the trials using modern technology. If that is not forthcoming then the best alternative would be to document the additions or improvements.

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