Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.90 (Jan - Mar 2009) p23-26
Process tips and tricks
MENON, N. Ravi

The following tips are intended to direct the attention of the process engineer or the mill manager on the often neglected relatively obscure corners of the process flow system. A thorough knowledge of the intricacies associated with it would make processing operation more scientific and extraction rate more profitable.  An engineer or for that matter a process supervisor, who take the trouble to grasp the fundamental basics, would be able to perform better than others, who lack the knowledge, provided of course, the infrastructure like the process control laboratory and the process operators are reliable and committed. Let us now look at all the process areas including the hidden areas of the processing plant. Only two of them playing a significant role, are highlighted: (a) process control dilemma and (b) practical actions for controlling product losses.

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