Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.95 (Apr - June 2010) p37-44
Technological improvements in palm oil milling/refinery: the monetary incentive

Malaysia is the home of modern palm oil industry – where the in- dustry originated. The size of the industry is increasing at a rapid pace in countries with appropriate climatic condi- tions. For example, Uganda is expected to produce 140 000 t of crude palm oil and 14 000 t of palm kernel oil per year. South America, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia are increasing oil palm plantation acreage [Oil &amp, Fats International, Vol. 26 No. 4 (May 2010)]. This leads to tremendous opportuni- ties and a large market for technical innova- tions and strong monetary returns on cost of innovation. Malaysia has a head start in that it is a reputable brand name in this in- dustry, and this should be taken advantage of.

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