TT No. 168: Production of MDF from oil palm biomass

Malaysia is one of the top five exporters of MDF in the world. Our total production capacity exceeds one million cubic metres per year. Presently, most of the major producers use rubberwood as the raw material. With the decline in the price of latex, interest in rubber plantation also decline. At present, the area under […]

TT No. 166: Automatic Colorimeter for Palm Oil

Colour is an important indication of product composition, purity and degree of deterioration. It is a quick check on degradation and the suitability and stability of the product for a particular use. In the case of vegetable oils, it is necessary to monitor each stage of the refining process to determine whether the correct colour […]

TT No. 165: High Fibre Chocolate

Chocolate and cocoa products are a pleasure to eat and are well accepted as food in many cultures around the world. The nutritional value of foods is related to its composition including its content of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Despite a necessity to choose and consume healthy foods to provide a balanced diet, […]

TT No. 164: Palm based low calorie bakery margarine

The role of different types of margarine in various baked products is subtly different. In cakes, margarine is an essential factor in incorporating finely dispersed air bubbles, which imparts fine crumb structure and delicate eating properties to the baked product. It helps increase the cake volume by shortening the strands of gluten, which in the […]