TT No. 248: Palm Based Food-Grade Grease

In the past decade, the food processing industry has increased the number of products that it offers as well as the quantities it produces. But today consumers are exerting an ever-increasing pressure on the industry to use suitable lubricants in food processing machines. Risk analyses and HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points) concepts made it possible […]

TT No. 247: Palm Esters for Lubricant

Natural oils and fats have been extensively used as lighting fuel or as lubricating oils and greases until the middle of 19th century. After that, mineral oil takes over. At present, about 90% of the lubricants use mineral oil as their base fluid. In the recent years, due to the pressure of environmental legislation and the […]

TT No. 246: Niki Vitarose Foundation SPF 12

Liquid foundation is pigment dispersed in an emulsion system. Nowadays coated pigments are commonly used in most colour cosmetics. It has shown good properties in terms of easy application, well distribution onto the face, and colouring effect (Hollenberg, 2002). Besides the pigment, other raw materials incorporated in a liquid foundation are fillers, rheological modifiers, UV filters […]

TT No. 245: Niki Anti-Fatigue Bath & Shower Gel

NIKI Anti-fatigue Bath & Shower Gel is formulated with mild surfactants enriched with vegetable-based protein and ginseng extract. It also contains a skin NMF (natural moisturizing factor). The NMF together with the protein provide the conditioning and moisturizing effect to the skin, while ginseng, well-known in Chinese medicine, activates the blood circulation as well as nourishes […]

TT No. 244: Niki UV Defence Face Cream

NIKI Sunscreen Lotion is formulated to contain physical and chemical sunscreen agents to provide the protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. Since exposure to UV light can also cause the skin to feel dry and taut, moisturizers are added to help to reduce or reverse the appearance of dryness and relieve the tautness of […]