TT No. 291: Certified Reference Materials from Palm Oil Products

According to Palm Oil Refiners Association Malaysia (PORAM), the properties of RBD palm oil products produced from the palm oil refineries and shipped therefrom are to adhere strictly to the stipulated values in the specifications. Therefore, in order to assure the trueness and reliability of the tests performed to meet these specifications, a comparison of […]

TT No. 290: Production of Palm-based Tocotrienols-Enhanced Fraction (TEF)

Tocotrienols as well as tocopherols are homologues of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fatsoluble natural antioxidant and present in small amount in vegetable oils and fats. The importance of vitamin E, an essential vitamin, for keeping the good health in animals and human has long been recognized. Deficiency of vitamin E in animals would […]

TT No. 289: Disintegrable Plastics from Oil Palm and Its Products

Plastic materials have gained widespread use in the food, clothing, medical, shelter, transportation, construction and leisure industries due to its features of strength, lightweight, easily processable and energy efficient. However, plastics are made of petroleum-based materials called resins (e.g., polyethylene and polypropylene) that are not readily biodegradable. MPOB has developed a novel process to produce disintegrate plastics […]