TT No. 281: Palm-based Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic fluids represent one of the most important groups of industrial lubricants. It comprises of 25% of the industrial lubricant sector (Anon, 1994). It is being used widely in industriahydraulic systems, particularly machine tools, steering gears, etc. It is also used in land, sea and airborne transport, as well as in brake systems. The existence […]

TT No. 280: Microwave Aided Rapid Production of Oleylamide

The use of microwave irradiation in chemicals preparation was first introduced in late 1980s. It has advantages over conventional methods of preparing chemicals as it reduces the preparation time from hours to minutes; thus, it is more cost-effective. In the aspect of environment, this technology is greener as the energy loss in the process of heating […]

TT No. 279: A New Natural Based Pour Point Depressant for Fatty Alkyl Esters

High saturation of palm oil and palm oil products has restricted their use in a number of applications, both in food and non-food uses. In the non-edible areas, the use of methyl esters as alternative fuel for diesel could only be used during cooler seasons if their unfavourable low temperature properties could be improved. Normally, palm […]

TT No. 278: Palm-based Polyol for Coatings

Recently, AOTD has found a new type of polyol named PolyMO and with a joint research with WKI, the PolyMO has been tested for 2K-PU coating system. Palm oil has carbon double bonds and can be subjected to some processes such as epoxidation, alcoholysis and esterification to give the desired reactivity in the final resin […]