TT No. 267: Palm-based Anti-Inflammatory Cream

Human skin is relatively a complex structure with adapted barrier to the environment. Administration of chemical agents to the skin surface has long been practiced, whether for healing or purely decorative or cosmetic purposes. The skin is a semi permeable membrane and these open new possibilities for local treatment of the skin. An interesting strategy to […]

TT No. 266: Palm based Anti-Acne Cream

Acne vulgaris or common acne is a regular skin disorder that affects virtually all individuals at least once during their lifetime. The incidence of acne peaks at 18 years of age but quite a numbers of men and women aged 20-40 are also affected by the disorder (Cunliffe and Gould, 1979). Treatment of acne is important […]

TT No. 263: PS10: Breeding Populations Selected for Long Stalk

Harvesting of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) is a tedious and time-consuming process. It needs experience and skill for harvesting FFB. The harvesting process involves identifying the ripe bunch, removing subtending fronds, locating the stalk and finally cutting the bunch. This is carried out traditionally using a chisel attached to a short steel pole for short palms […]