TT No. 373: Palm-Based Solid Fat For Frying

Solid fats/shortenings are produced as substitutes for solid animal fats, especially lard. In North America, cottonseed oil was converted to shortening to replace lard in the 1890s. Soyabean oil did not become a major ingredient in shortening until the late 1930s. Now, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and soyabean oil have been used to produce shortenings in […]

TT No. 372: Trans Free and Low Saturated Palm-Based Packet Margarine Formulation

A trans-free and low saturated palmbased packet margarine was formulated. The product was consistent, yet soft and spreadable on bread at refrigerator temperature (5°C-10°C). However, as with other soft margarines, it becomes soft and oily after being left at > 30°C for more than 1 hr. Margarines containing < 33% total saturated fatty acids (SAFA) and […]

TT No. 371: Trans Free Palm-Based Shelf Stable Margarine Formulation

Tans-free palm-based shelf-stable margarine was formulated from palm oil derivatives without hydrogenation. The margarine, processed in a scraped surface heat exchanger (was filled in containers of 10 and 20 kg and could be marketed for baking and shallow frying) (Figure 1). The formulation has a melting point of 36°C – 37°C, and is thus suitable for […]

TT No. 370: Palm-Based Trans Free Puff Pastr Margarine

Puff pastry is one of the most remarkable products from the bakeshop. It has the ability to rise to eight times its original thickness when baked to form a flaky structure. The rise is due to the unique and intricate lamination of alternate layers of pastry dough and roll-in fat. Puff pastry dough recipes are usually […]

TT No. 369: Palm Blends for Temperate Climates

Polyunsaturated oils present problems with regards to flavour and oxidative stability. Partial hydrogenation reduces the problems by removing some of the double bonds which are the sites of oxygen attack. However, hydrogenation is not desirable as it gives rise to formation of trans-fatty acids which are detrimental to health. Blending the unsaturated oils with palm olein […]