TT No. 366: Membrane Bioreactor Technology for Tertiary of Palm Oil Mill Effluent(POME)

With better membrane developed from better understanding of the fi ltration mechanisms, membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems become a feasible option for¬†aerobic treatment of wastewater, industrial wastewater and potentially for palm oil mill wastewaters. Owing to their ability to produce excellent treatment effi ciency, MBRs are increasingly used around the world. MBR installations are also increasing […]

TT No. 364: 3-N Lumber from Oil Palm Trunk

Each year, the oil palm industry produces more than 15 million cubic metre of oil palm trunks (OPT) during replanting. Despite their possible use as wood, the material is largely wasted. Some of the problems are a low recovery of sawn timber after seasoning, and the poor inherent physical and mechanical characteristics of the wood. […]