TS No. 53: In vitro Methods for Evaluation of Fungi Against Pathogenic Ganoderma

Fungi are well-known antagonists of many plant pathogens, and some of them, mainly Trichoderma (Shukla and Uniyal, 1989; Wijesekera et al., 1996; Ilias and Abdullah, 1999), Aspergillus (Shukla and Uniyal, 1989) and Penicillium (Dharmaputra et al., 1989) have been evaluated against Ganoderma. This article describes an in vitro method to evaluate the potential of fungi […]

TS No. 52: Determination of 50% Lethal Concentration (LC50) of Fungicides Against Pathogenic Ganoderma

Fungicides are used to control plant diseases. New compounds with novel modes of action have been developed from the 1990s – strobilurins, phenylpyrroles, anilinopyrimidines, phenoxyquinolines and compounds that trigger the plant defence system. There are now 113 compounds registered worldwide as fungicides (Knight et al., 1997). However, none of them are effective against Ganoderma basal […]

TS No. 51: MPOB Geospatial Product and Mapping Services for Oil Palm Plantation Management

Geospatial technology of global positioning system (GPS), remote sensing (RS) and geographic information system (GIS) is widely used in mapping. Geospatial data as remotely sensed imagery and other raster formats are increasingly collected in fi ner resolution. Interpreting and visualizing information from the data has become an essential element in natural resources management, environmental planning […]