TT No. 436: Palm-based Trans Fatty Acid-free Biscuit Cream Fat

Cream sandwich cookies and crackers are popular snack biscuits in many parts of the world. In this catagory of biscuits, two identical pieces contain a layer of sweet or savory cream filling. A fat component is used in producing this biscuit cream and its content varies from 25% to 35% of the total cream. The […]

TT No. 435: Palm-based Trans Fatty Acid-free Butter Oil Substitute

Butter oil substitute (BOS) is widely used in the bakery industry to replace the expensive diary-based butter oil. The functionality of BOS is similar to that of shortening, which is to ‘shorten’ or tenderize baked food (O’Brien, 1996). The unique characteristics of the BOS product compared to shortening are its strong butter flavour and a […]

TT No. 434: Non-lauric Fats for Creme Filling

Sandwich cookies occupy a significant place in the world market for biscuits. Soft filling creams are widely used for filling sandwich cookies. The cream is either sandwiched between the cookies or between the wafer sheets. Multiple layers of cream can also be sandwiched between wafers. Cream biscuits may also be enrobed with chocolate or other […]

TT No. 433: Palm-based Transparent Soap Slab

Transparent soap or glycerine soap technology for the past decades was based on tallow, coconut and castor oils as raw materials. With the expansion of the palm oil industry, coupled with comprehensive research and development (R&D), at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), the tallow and coconut portions of soap bases have been replaced with […]

TT No. 432: Palm Oil-based Polyurethane for Automotive Compenant (Car Seat) – Part 2

Polyuretheanes are made from two basic raw materials: polyols and diisocyanates. A key advantage of polyretheanes is that specific parts and combinations of each chemical group can be chosen to create the desired end-products. The targeted applications for these end-products are numerous, the major ones being in automobiles, medicines, comfort mattresses, buildings, paints, coatings, adhesives […]