TT No. 431: Palm Oil-based Preservative in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

Phenonip is included in the EU Cosmatic Directives Annex VI list of permitted preservatives. Phenonip is also permitted for use in the USA and Japan. It is biodegradable at low concentrations and is non-volatile; thus, there is no loss of this preservative even with toxicological profile and it is non-irritant to the skin, eyes and mucous […]

TT No. 429: Pre-treatment of Glycerine from Biodiesel Production

Crude glycerine is a by product produced from biodesel plants via the conventional transesterification process. Typically 10% to 12% (by weight) of crude glycerine is produced for every tonne of biodiesel produced. Crude glycerine normally contains 50% to 60% of glycerine depending on the process. The main impurity in crude glycerine which needs to be further removed is metal-soap […]