TT No. 426: A Pyro-ligno Binder from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch

Empty fruit bunches (EFB) contain 18%-21% lignin, 40%-45% cellulose and 19%-21% hemicellulose. Lignin is produced mainly as a by-product from the pulp and paper industry. separated fro, the wood by chemical pulping processes such as Kraft pulping and sulfate pulping. The black liquor from these pulping processes contains lignin which is separated via acid precipitation […]

TT No. 425: Microcrystalline Cellulose from Oil Palm Fibres

It is estimated that about 19.03 million tonnes (wet weight) of empty fruit bunches (EFB) were generated in the year 2007 in Malaysia (Astimar et al., 2008), and efforts to convert this material into value-added products have been carried out. One of these is to extract the high value lignocellulosic materials such as hemicellulose, cellulose […]

TT No. 424: Double-row Avenue System for Crop Integretion with Oil Palm

Maximizing land use in palm oil areas through crop or livestock integration can generate additional income for oil palm growers, and enhance national food production which is in line with the Third National Agriculture Policy. During the immature phase (i.e. when palms are less than three years old), the growth of oil palms fronds and […]

TT No. 423: Intergration of Tongkat Ali with Oil Palm

Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma Iongifolia (Figure 1), is a shrub or small tree found  growing wild along the hill slopes of the rain forests of Malaysia and in other parts of Southeast Asia. It is a medium-sized slender shrub growing up to 10 m in height, often unbranded, with reddish brown petioles and compound pinnate leaves, […]

TT No. 422: Trichoderma as a Bio-control Agent Against Ganoderma in Oil Palm

Basal stem rot (BSR)caused by Ganoderma is a disease of economic importance to the oil palm industry in Malaysia. To date, the disease is managed through cultural practices such as sanitation during replanting which reduces the risk of encountering the disease at an early stage of growth. Studies using chemical control are still ongoing and […]