TT No. 421: Bafog-1(S): Fogging Formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis for Controlling Bagworm

Bafog-1(S) is the local B. thuringiensis isolate, MPOB BTI formulated solution for controlling bagworm via fogging. The name Bagof-1(S) was derived from Nacillus sp. for fogging in solution from (S). Bafog-1(S) is specially formulated for bottom,-up application in peat and soggy areas where the use of tractor-mounted turbomist is not possible. Bafog-1(S) is produced by vacuum evaporating […]

TT No. 420: Ecobac-1 (EC): Emulsified Concentrate Bacillus thuringiensis for Controlling Bagworm Outbreak by Aerial Spraying

Ecobac-1 (EC) is an emulsified MPOB Bt1 concentrate formulated for controlling bagworm outbreak. The product is suitable for the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of bagworm applicable via aerial spray. The name, Ecobac-1 (EC) was derived from its property being ecologically safe Bacillus spp. Ecobac-1 (EC) is an emulsified concentrate of MPOB Bt1 which is a further enhancement of the […]

TT No. 419: Roller-type Oil Palm Loose Fruit Picker

The decline in the rate of palm oil extraction is due to a great extent to the incomplete collection of loose oil palm fruits. This has worsened with labor shortages, which have been repeatedly mentioned as the most critical factor in ensuring all bunches and loose fruits are harvested and collected. Labour shortage continues to […]

TT No. 418: A Six-Wheel-Drive Transporter for Oil Palm FFB Evacuation

The six wheel drive transporter (6WD transporter) has a single chassis configuration resting on three axles and equipped with six equal sized tyres. Apart from the standard front wheel steering, the 6WD transporter is equipped with an additional steerable rear axle. This rear axle steering can be engaged and disengaged depending on need. If four […]

TT No. 417: Techinque for Mechanically Forced Unidirectional Leaning of Oil Palm on Peat

The incidence of learning palms is unavoidable for oil palm planted on peat, even with mechanical compaction on the peat and applying the hole-in-hole planting technique. Palms leaning in a disorderly manner have apparently become a serious limiting factor in oil palm performance on peat (Mohd Tayeb et al., 1996). Leaning poses difficulties in field […]