TS No. 71: Determination of Acetamiprid in Crude Palm Oil Using LC-MSMS

Acetamiprid is a neo-nicotinoid insecticide that is effective against sucking insects such as aphids, and chewing insects such as Coleoptera and some Lepiodoptera. Analysis of acetamiprid residue involves the use of expensive and sophisticated instruments such as the Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectometry, LC-MSMS (Figure 1). This has hindered members of the industry from carrying […]

TS No. 70: Database on the Characteristics of Palm Oil-based Products

A database on characteristics of palm oil-based products gathers together important physiochemical characteristics of palm oil and palm kernel oil and their fractions, i.e. palm olein and palm stearin of various iodine values, palm kernel stearin and palm mid-fraction of various iodine values. Characteristics of oil and fat blends containing palm-based products are also included […]

TS No. 69: Determination of Cypermethrin in Crude Palm Oil and Crude Palm Kernel Oil by Solid Phase Extraction and Gas Chromatography Electron Capture Detection

Herbicides and insecticides are the main pesticides used in oil palm plantations. Being relatively cheap, insecticides such as cypermethrin often used to protect the oil palm against leaf-eating insects. However, insecticide residues in food and food ingredients is of great concern. As such, reliable analytically methods for the detection and qualification of insecticide residues in palm oil and palm […]

TS No. 68: Rapid Method for the Determination of Hydroxyl Valus in Palm-based Polyols

Hydroxyl value is defined as the number of hydroxyl end-groups per gram of a sample. It is a very important quality parameter, and a typical measure to determine molecular weight and calculate the functionality of polyols. A polyols is an alcohol with more then two reactive hydroxly groups per molecule. Polyols are the starting material for […]