TS No. 64: Determination of Sound Absorption for Absorptive Material Using a Two-microphone Impedance Measurement Tube Type 4206 (B&K)

With the growing focus today on noise-control issues and the emergence of sound quality as an important aspect of product design, acoustic material testing is becoming increasingly relevant to researchers, engineers, designers and manufactures from a broad range of industries. Products like bio-composites, fibre-reinforced plastics, felt and insulators are being used as sound dampening components, […]

TS No. 63: Assessment of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (AM) as Vegetative Gowth Enhancer for Oil Palm

Mycorrhizas are symbiotic associations that are formed between the roots of most plant species and soil fungi (Bagyaraj, 1984). Benefits of arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) associations include improved nutrient uptake by fungi, extending their hyphae through the plant roots into the surrounding soil and transporting the nutrients directly into the plant. Numerous studies also suggests that […]

TS No. 62: Spatial Pattern and Hotspot Analyses of Ganoderma Disease in Oil Palm Plantation Using the Geographical Information System

The growing demand for localized predictions, spatial pattern and hotspot analyses over large regions has prompted the application of the Geographical Information System (GIS) and geostatistics that can be used to analyse and manage plant disease information data. GIS has been used most extensively for mapping distributions of disease or specific genotypes of plant pathogen […]