TS No. 75: Hexaconale as a Preventive Treatment for Managing Ganoderma in Oil Palm

Basal stem rot (BSR) of oil palm is a disease caused by a few species of Genoderma (Idris et al., 2000a, b). It is a major disease inflicting significant losses in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia (Turner and Gillbanks, 2003). The disease causes the death of more than 80% of oil palm plantings midway through […]

TS No. 74: Geostatistics for Monitoring Ganoderma Outbreak in Oil Palm Plantations

The basal stem rot (BSR) disease of oil palm is widespread, occuring in major oil palm-growing regions of the world. The disease is caused by a few species of Ganoderma, a basidiomycete fungus (Idris et al., 2000a, b). The effects of Ganoderma infection on productivity decline in oil palm corps have been of considerable concern […]

TS No. 73: Multiplex PCR-DNA Kit for Early Detection and Identification of Ganoderma Species in Oil Palm

Technologies for the early detection of Ganoderma have been achieved through a culturing technique using Ganoderma selective medium (GMS) (Ariffin and Idris, 1991), through the molecularpolymerese chain reaction-deoxyribonucleic acid (PRC-DNA) technique (Idris et al., 2004) and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay-polyclonal antibody (ELISA-Pab) protocol (Idris and Rafidah, 2008). These techniques offer several advantages in providing specificity and sensitivity in Ganoderma detection in oil palm. […]