TT No. 548: SureSawitTM Shell – A Diagnostic Assay to Predict Oil Palm Fruit Forms

The oil palm has three naturally occurring fruit forms, varying in shell thickness: i) thick shell dura, ii) thin shell tenera, and iii) shell-less pisifera (Figure 1). Teneras are hybrids between the dura and pisifera, and the preferred commercial planting material. Oil yield of tenera is up to 30% higher than the dura, while pisifera is female sterile and does not usually produce matured bunches.  Main Research: Dr Rajinder Sing

TT No. 547: Production of High Quality Kenaf Fodder for Intensive Livestock Integration with Oil Palm

Feed is one of the major success factors in livestock enterprise for intensive production system. Intensive production system relies ultimately on a good feed supply in term of quantity and quality. Feed quality has direct impact on livestock performance especially on body conformation, breeding efficiency and milk production. With intensive livestock integration in place, therefore it is important to have a good fodder supply […]

TT No. 544: EMBIOTM actinoPLUS for Biological Control of Ganoderma Disease

MPOB has introduced the Integrated Ganoderma Management (IGM) which incorporates biological control by using micro-organism antagonist against basal stem rot (BSR) or Ganoderma disease (Idris,2011). Studies by several researchers have shown that many species of beneficial microorganisms including actinomycetes, bacteria and fungi have the ability to effectively suppress plant diseases. Actinomycetes are a group of microorganisms which produce secondary […]

TT No. 545: GanoCareTM – Reducing Risk of Ganoderma Infection in Oil Palm

Basal stem rot (BSR) disease caused by the Ganoderma species is a serious problem to the oil palm industry (Idris,2012). MPOB has introduced the integrated Ganoderma Management (IGM) to find solution to the disease (Idris, 2011). Plant nutrients are primary components of disease control in many crops (Sharma, 2006; Mcmahon, 2012). Nutrients are inorganic elements that have been essential […]