TS No. 147: Quality Testing Laboratory for the Oil Palm Motorised Cutter

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) has developed a hand-held motorised harvesting tool called Cantas, for fresh fruit bunches (FFB) harvesting (Figure 1). The invention was aimed at increasing harvesting productivity and reduces workers. The handheld motorised cutter is equipped with a chisel or sickle as the cutting tool attached to a telescopic pole. It is […]

TS No. 146: Propagation of Oryctes Nudivirus for the Management of Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) (Figure 1) is a major pest of the oil palm, causing 25% of crop losses two years after infestation (Norman et al., 1997). The Oryctes nudivirus (OrNV) (Figure 2) is a biological control agent of the rhinoceros beetle (Huger, 1966). The OrNV was discovered in Malaysia and introduced into […]

TS No. 145: Life Cycle Assessment of Methyl Ester Sulphonates (MES) Production

Detergents and household cleaning products contain surfactant as the main ingredient that plays a vital role in the overall cleaning process. Natural feedstock, such as oleochemical-based alcohols and methyl ester, offer possibilities as surfactants. Methyl ester sulphonates (MES) (Figure 1) is an oleochemical-based anionic surfactant derived from palm oil through sulphonation process. It has good […]

TS No. 144: Life Cycle Assessment of Methyl Ester Production

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a good analytical tool to evaluate the performance and environmental impact of all stages of a product’s life cycle. In 2014, the exports of methyl ester from Malaysia increased by 10% or 57 041 t to 571 675 t compared to 514 634 t recorded in 2013 (MPOB, 2015). Methyl […]

TS No. 143: Water Footprint for the Production of Crude Palm Oil

Water is one of the most important natural resources. In many regions, human well-being and ecosystem health are being seriously affected by changes in the global water cycle, caused largely by human activities. Although freshwater is a local resource, water scarcity is the leading threat of the global water crisis. To tackle this major environmental […]