TT No. 616: Production of High Density Fibreboard (HDF) from Empty Fruit Bunch Fibres

In 2016, a total of 86.3 million tonnes of fresh fruit bunches were processed by oil palm mills in Malaysia (MPOB, 2017), generating more than 6 million tonnes (dried weight) of empty fruit bunches (EFB). At present EFB are used in sectors such as renewable energy (bio-pellets and bio-briquettes), biocomposites (particleboard and fibreboards), biofertiliser and […]

TT No. 614: MSP2: A Mesocarp-Specific Promoter for Plant Genetic Engineering

MPOB initiated the genetic engineering program in late 1980s to diversify the use and increase the economic value of palm oil. The aim of the program was to produce higher oleic acid content of the palm oil in the mesocarp. Subsequently, the genetic engineering program was expanded to include high contents of stearic, palmitoleic, ricinoleic, […]

TT No. 613: Battery Powered Oil Palm Harvesting Tool

MPOB introduced the oil palm motorised cutter (Cantas) to the industry in 2007. Cantas is suitable for harvesting fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from palms up to 7 m harvesting height. Cantas increases harvesting productivity which improves harvesters’ earning besides reducing workers on the payroll, currently dominated by foreign workers (Razak et al., 2013). Main Researcher: […]