TS No. 172: PalmXplore – Oil Palm Gene Database

PalmXplore is an integrated database system that provides comprehensive tools to search, retrieve and browse the predicted African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) gene information and its associated functional annotations (Figure 1). The oil palm gene models were predicted using a combination of gene prediction pipelines including FGENESH++ (Solovyev et al., 2006) from Softberry and Seqping […]

TS No. 171: Structural Stability Analysis of Solid Fats with High Amount of Liquid Oil

The ability of fat crystals to bind and hold a certain amount of liquid oil within their crystal matrix is dependent on triacylglycerol composition (Chawla and deMan, 1990; Taylor, 1976), thermal properties (deMan et al., 1995), and interaction of the fat crystals in the developed crystal network (Johansson and Bergenstayhl, 1995) of the fat blends. […]

TS No. 170: Analysis of Polar Compound Fractions in Oil Matrices

Quantification of polar compounds is recognised as one of the most reliable and objective methods to evaluate the quality of vegetable oils. It is widely used as an indicator to determine the thermal stability and safety of the oils as a result of heating and frying. The analysis provides more robust measurement of oil deterioration […]

TS No. 168: Determination of Palm Oleochemical Thermal Properties

Each chemical substance has its own melting point. A deviation in melting point of a substance indicates a presence of other components in the substance. Melting point determination through this invention (DSC) method provides information on the number of components present in the mixture through thermal properties resolution (thermogram). Main Researcher: Fadzlina AbdullahEmail: fadzlina@mpob.gov.my