TS No. 148: MYPalmViewer: Oil Palm Genome Browser

The Malaysian Oil Palm Genome Programme (MyOPGP) was initiated by MPOB in 2004 to selectively sequence the hypomethylated regions of the genome (Low et al., 2014), and was subsequently expanded to the whole genome, facilitated by advancements in sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. These efforts led to the publication of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) genome (Singh et al., 2013). The genome information has since been shared via the Genomsawit website (Rosli et al., 2014). To expand the capabilities of Genomsawit, MYPalmViewer was developed (Figure 1). MYPalmViewer is a web-based genome browser, developed to display and explore the chromosomes of the oil palm.

Researcher: Dr Leslie Low Eng Ti
Email: lowengti@mpob.gov.my