TS No. 172: PalmXplore – Oil Palm Gene Database

PalmXplore is an integrated database system that provides comprehensive tools to search, retrieve and browse the predicted African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) gene information and its associated functional annotations (Figure 1). The oil palm gene models were predicted using a combination of gene prediction pipelines including FGENESH++ (Solovyev et al., 2006) from Softberry and Seqping (Chan et al., 2017) by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). The system is also interoperable with data analysis options, such as BLAST search and the oil palm genome browser (MYPalmViewer; http://gbrowse.mpob.gov.my/). MYPalmViewer allows researchers to visually inspect and explore the information on the oil palm genome. PalmXplore provides a centralised resource to optimise use of oil palm genome data for molecular biology research. The database was developed as part of the Malaysian Oil Palm Genome Programme and can be accessed at http://palmxplore.mpob.gov.my.

Main Researcher: Nik Shazana Nik Muhamad
Email: nikshazana@mpob.gov.my