TT No. 253: Deterioration of Bleachability Index

The deterioration of bleach ability index or DOBI is an acronym for an analytical procedure intended for quality control of crude palm oil. It is based on the ratio of two wavelengths (446:269 nm). The test introduced by MPOB in 1981 is performed using a simple spectrophotometer and attempts to provide a prediction of the ease of refining of crude palm oil. Quality of crude palm oil can be described by many well established oxidation parameters. However, none of these by themselves are good enough to tell conclusively the oxidative state of the oil, nor provide an indication whether the oil is easily refinable. Many years of testing by MPOB researchers has found it to be a reliable tool for quality control. The values instituted from MPOB’s research are applicable for crude palm oil produced in Malaysia. It may not be applicable to oils produced in other countries as the carotenoids levels of other oil palm species may differ.

Main Research: Dr Siew Wai Lin