TT No. 302: MPOB-HIE as Alternative to Crude Palm Oil in Total Mixed Ration of Broiler Chicken

POB-HIE is designed as a high fat energy formulation from refined palm oil products. This fat is specially made to provide energy to support efficient growth of starter and finisher broiler chicken. MPOB-HIE is scientifically designed and formulated to replace crude palm oil (CPO) in the manufacture of total mixed ration M (TMR) of broiler starter and broiler finisher. MPOB-HIE is formulated with 100% Malaysian refined bleached and deodorized (RBD) palm products. As such, price competitiveness is dependent on the current market price for CPO. However, the price of MPOB-HIE raw materials is still cheaper than any other RBD palm products.

Main Research: Dr Osman Atil