TT No. 375: Palm Oil Standard Reference Materials for Determination of Solid fat Content

The solid fat content (SFC) is a major concern in food applications, and is generally considered the fingerprint of oils and fats to characterize the physical and sensory properties of foods such as spreadability, texture, firmness and mouth-feel. Knowing the SFC would be useful for formulating new products and also for authenticating the oil and fat. Due to the importance of characterization of oils and fats, the consistency of measuring the SFC is crucial in ensuring the quality of the products. Reliable SFC measurement is made by using standard reference materials (SRMs) as benchmarks. The SRMs provide the essential references by which the analysts can compare their results. However, the unavailability of SRMs from palm oil products has prompted the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to conduct certification programmers and produce such SRMs for use by industries and laboratories.

Main Research: Azmil Haizam A. Tarmizi