TT No. 543: Palm-based Massage Candle

Candle is a solid block of wax embeded with with a wick, ignited to provide light. The fuel source normally made of either pure blended wax materials (e.g tallow, bee wax, parrafin, vegetable waxes). Traditionally, candles have been used as a light and heat sources to illuminate and warm the surrounding environment.

The use of candles has gone through various stages throughout the ages since ca. 200 BC. In the developed world today, candles are still used mainly in religious or ritual ceremonies and as a source of light. However, due to the high and intense market competition, candle-makers (either industrial manufacturers or home-made have expanded their product range by varying the size and shape of candles enhancing aesthetic value and incorporating essential oils scents (used in aromatherapy) and fragances (particularly to set a soft, warm or romantic ambience).

Main Research: Dr Lim Wen Huei