TT No. 555: Palm-based Emulsion in Water (EW) Termiticides

Termites are known to impact negatively on agriculture and construction industry imposing great damage to plantations and buildings. Financial loss due to termites infestations in Malaysia was estimated at RM 8- RM 10 million annually (Lee, 2002). The common method in termites control is by the use of emulsifiable concentrate termiticides. Such emulsifiable concentrates (EC) are petrochemicals-based and may pose risks to humans, animals, plants and ecosystem. Current EC-termiticides may cause skin and eye irritations. Recently, the pesticide industry has made a good progress in using low risk, environmental friendly pesticide formulations. There is a growing demand for environmental-friendly water-based pesticide formulations such as palm-based emulsion-in-water (EW) (Ismail et al., 2003; 2007). Palm-based EW consists of pesticides dissolved in water immiscible solvent, dispersed in oil phase droplets in the presence of surfactants. 

Main Research: Dr Ismail Ab Raman