TT No. 557: Palm-based Shower Gels with Natural Exfoliating Agents

Shower gel, also known as bodywash, is the general term for liquid soap. It is available either in emulsion or clear types of products and used as a skin cleansing agent during showering or bathing. Shower gels are a combination of surfactants, water, skin conditioning agents and fragrances. It has chemical advantages over soap because it is milder at cleansing and less irritating to the skin, lathers better in hard water areas and does not leave a mineral residue on the skin or in the bath tub after usage. Almost all commercial shower gels are formulated with petroleum-based materials (Wikipedia). The objective of this technology is to promote the utilisation of palm-based materials in shower gel products. Palm-based shower gels (Figure 1) were formulated with mild surfactants, 83% palmbased materials and natural exfoliating agents, tea tree leaf, apricot kernel and rice scrub. 

Main Research: Norashikin Ahmad