TT No. 558: Tocotrienol-based Facial Mask

Water-cast gels are used as facial masks with the potentials to adhere to the keratinous surface, hydrate and deliver the enriched supplements across the skin epidermis. The term hydrogel describes three-dimensional network structures obtained from a class of synthetic and/or natural polymers which can absorb and retain significant amount of water. The hydrogel structure is created by the hydrophilic groups or domains present in a polymeric network upon hydration in an aqueous environment (Rosiak and Yoshii, 1999). Interestingly, the skin is the largest organ of the human body and the logical target for supplement delivery. Gels have potential as supplement delivery systems because of their ease of administration and hydration on contact with keratinocytes surfaces on the skin that allow diffusion out of the gel. However, gels are limited by low supplement loading capacity because of their thin nature and not all gel forming polymers are bioadhesive. 

Main Research: Cheong Mei Yee