TT No. 561: Palm-based Rolled Fondant

In culinary arts, the word fondant can refer to one or two types of sugar-based pastes used in preparing and decorating cakes, pastries and confectioneries. There are two types of fondant: 1) poured fondant, and 2) rolled fondant. Poured fondant is a sweet, creamy paste that can be used as a filling or icing for pastries. Rolled fondant is almost like very sweet dough. Not many scientific papers on rolled fondant are available. Most literatures are limited to recipe books. Butter has been the established fat suggested in many recipe books for this sugar/fat mixture (Knott, 2013; Parrish, 2013; Deacon, 2003). Functionally, fat affects the melting point, viscosity and body, crystallinity and spreadability of many foods (ADA Reports, 2005). The same thing applies in rolled fondant. The amount of fat may influence the quality characteristics of the final product. In a sensory evaluation on cake frostings by Drewnowski and Schwart (1990), reported that the acceptability of cake frostings was a combined function of sucrose and fat levels. 

Main Research: Rafidah Abd Hamid