TT No. 609: Reverse Transcription-loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (RT-LAMP) Kit for Detection of Coconut Cadang-Cadang Viroid (CCCVd) Variants

Orange spotting (OS) disease caused by Coconut Cadang-Cadang Viroid (CCCVd) variants in oil palm was discovered by Vadamalai et al. (2006). The CCCVd variants did not manifest in any outbreak as observed on coconut in the Philippines. It is only found on isolated palms in the planting blocks indicating no spread of the viroid (Sundram et al., 2017). The viroid is a single-stranded RNA with sizes ranging from 246 to 247 nucleotides in early infection and extended to 296 to 375 nucleotides in the later infection (Haseloff et al., 1982).

Main Researcher: Madihah Ahmad Zairun